what exactly is faith

What exactly is FAITH?

One often comes across many articles/sermons about ‘FAITH’. What exactly is faith? It is the blind belief in a person or a thing. Is faith important in this world? In the world around, there seems nothing worth trusting blindly. Trusting an unfaithful person in a time of need can prove futile.

Contradicting to all this, the Bible unleashes an awesome world, where ‘FAITH’ is all that is needed. Faith in whom and how? Faith in Jesus Christ and faith without wavering. Human lives are an indispensable element in nature. Wanting to have a completely reliable person is what one looks forward to, and what can life offer more than Jesus Himself? One can completely rely upon Him and silently feel the soothing effect that faith brings within oneself.

One’s life/action may not always prove successful but to commit oneself in His hands is important so that the fruits of the hardship can be reaped. When life hits hard, trust Him who can see you through. Word says, without faith it is impossible to please God. Why so? Anyone ready to trust Him must realize that He is capable of bringing into pass all that one has asked of Him. For instance, a child always feels secure holding his parents’ hands while crossing a road as he knows that the parent can never let him off. So is the faith one needs to have with the Almighty, who is the creator of the Universe and more importantly, ‘your Creator’.

Leave your burden upon Him and He will sustain you. He has inscribed each one of us on the palms of His hands (Isaiah49:16). Even if a mother forgets her own child, He can never forget us (Isaiah49:16). One’s ways are pre-determined by Him, it just needs to tread by relying upon Him. It is an awesome feeling to be always under the sovereign presence of God and rely upon Him because He holds your tomorrows!

Stella Geevarghese contributed to this article.


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