the most incredible gift by god love

The most incredible gift by God – Love

The most incredible thing in this world is

To know there’s a god above who loves you unconditionally and

To realise that he loved you enough to give his life

Even before you loved or even thought about reciprocating his love for you.

Isn’t it so amazing ?

That God chooses to love a person who was least bothered about him?

Well that is why this love of God is multidimensional and unfathomable.

It’s immeasurable.

And there’s no perfect word to describe it.

That’s why Paul describes God’s love in a way that how long , wide , deep is the Love of Christ and how neither height nor depth nor any force on this earth could separate us from the love of this ever loving God.

So when such a love hits you, you bleed forth love in return and you are filled with exceedingly powerful passion and will to tell millions about this beautiful love

So why don’t you start it today ?

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