reading bible every day do not worry about tomorrow

Reading Bible everyday keeps all your problems away

We are living in a world where every moment of our lives are often filled with tension, grief, and issues. In such situations, we might not get any idea on how to proceed further and get past those problems. I used to be like that. I was not clear on what to do in such situations and tensions always kept growing with sorrows and everything else. Instead of finding a solution, I always used to cry and waste my time. That was when I started reading the Bible and the rest was history.

I am not trying to say that I am earning millions every day and I am happy because of that. I am happy today because of what I am today. I am happy because of the situations that I have been through as I learned several good things from them. And reading the Holy Bible made me realize that and brought in me a lot of changes in impossible ways. I started to be more focused, confident and courageous to find the way out of my griefs rather than wasting my time.

Earlier before I had started reading the scripture, my friends and relatives used to advise me a lot. It did not work. Then the best thing happened and I don’t really remember the beginning.Yes, I started reading the Bible one day. I kept on reading the scripture again and again. It has only fuelled me with strength and wisdom.

Yes, I started reading the Bible one day. I kept on reading the scripture, again and again, which has only fuelled me with strength, confidence and wisdom.

Now, when I look back, I feel so happy about the way I am today. I am not scared of problems anymore. I am not scared of my boss anymore. I am not worried about what clothes I would wear. Because I know that following Jesus is the only solution for all my problems. That’s why I don’t have to be scared of my boss or anyone else in life and my Lord knows what is best for me. He will also never let me down in front of others although he chose to die for my sins on the cross.

These kinds of thoughts never occurred to me. They started popping up in my mind only after I had started reading the Bible. Trust me, it’s a good feeling. I seriously believe that reading the holy scripture every day keeps all your problems away. This does not mean that problems will not occur to you at all. It certainly will. But you will not be scared of them. You will instead find a way out of it and lead yourselves to success by believing that everything in life happens for a reason.

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