how I feel about psalm 139

How I feel about Psalm 139?

Let me pen down a few words about one of my favorite passages in the Bible, Psalm 139. It shows the intimate relationship of God with a human being. I’m sure that after reading this passage, one would get rid of psychological elements like fear, the anxiety of future, feeling of depression and so on. It allows one to understand God’s love toward mankind.

It begins with an affirmation that God has searched us and known us. God knows each and every action and reaction of ours. Psalmist pens down a few areas of our daily life like sitting, standing, and thinking and says that God watches over it with careful attention.

There is no place in this whole universe where the presence of God is not felt. Psalmist says that if he goes to heaven or even to the uttermost parts of the seas even there God’s presence is felt. Darkness and light are both alike to Him. We cannot flee from the sight of God. How privileged to be always under the safety wings of Almighty God, whom we can confidently call ‘My Father’!

Reading verses 13-16 gives me unspeakable joy and happiness. It beautifully describes how we were created. Our Creator created us so perfectly that mere mortal men have no right to question Him. Before our birth, He destined our future steps. God took care of us when we were in our mother’s womb; our unformed frame was not hidden to Him. We have been created so wonderfully and skillfully. There is no creature so blessed like humans on this earth. There is no invention ever made, with such perfect calculation.

After narrating this blessed state, the psalmist says, ‘such knowledge is too wonderful for me’. We cannot imagine the volume of His thoughts towards us. Isn’t it my friends? Can we imagine His love toward us? He delights to be known as ‘our Father’.

All this being true there are a few people on the other side, who even while enjoying all the benefits of the Lord, simply hate Him. They never cease to speak against Him. Therefore the psalmist says that he hates the ones who hate the Lord. At the end, the psalmist again asks God to search him and purify him and lead him in an everlasting way.

As a concluding note, allow God to scan you, purify you and make you eligible to inherit His Holy kingdom. Always be thankful for the wonderful ways He has been leading you, never grudge about your unachievable goals. Remember that God always has the best in store for you. You may feel alien in our society, but no, God is alive who watches and sustains you, He will never fail you no matter what the circumstances are.

P.S:  This psalm gave me a lot of encouragement and joy when I was going through life’s hardest times.

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  1. Please pray for my uncle… Who is being in bed rest for more than 2 years… Pls pray for his health … He is such a good person … But got down by tat deadly diesase… Doctors too don’t know what to do to cure him… Operations have been done .. but of no use…. Only god can cure him … So… Please pray… His name is Jayakumar

    1. Dear Jeniffer,

      We are all praying for the speedy recovery of your uncle. Nothing is impossible for our Lord. He can move mountains, create ways in seas and oceans, wipe out all the diseases and much more.

      We’d request you to believe that your uncle would recover. Even while facing the worst situations in our life, we have to believe that everything will be okay. “Ask and it will be given to you”, but ask with complete faith even if you are sinking down.

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