It is not the healthy who need a doctor but the sick matthew 9 12

It is not the healthy who need a doctor – Matthew 9:12

If you have read the Gospel books in the New Testament, you might have come across the situation where the Pharisees questions our Lord Jesus Christ for dining with tax collectors. You know what our Lord had replied. Jesus referred himself to as a doctor, the sinners with whom he had dined with as the patients and told the Pharisees that it is the patients who need a doctor and not the healthier ones.

Matthew 9:12:

It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick.

So, if you are hesitated to approach our God because you are ashamed of your sins, do not worry.  Our Almighty God is looking to spend His valuable time with the souls like you and this verse, Matthew 9:12 is an answer for such feelings of yours.

The Matthew 9:12 also delivers another message. If you are behaving as the Pharisees did to our Lord Jesus Christ by commenting on your good friends who are encouraging the sinners to lead in the path of God, then you must know that you are not given any right to judge on the people around you. First deal with the mess in your plate before going ahead to comment on the others. In fact, I’d say that you should not even think about it. Instead, you can use that time to repent of your sins and approach the God because he is waiting for you.

Prayer time:

Lord, please help me to be Godly. This verse from the Bible is giving me a lot of relief and confidence that I have a second chance on becoming a good person like you. Please forgive me my sins, my Lord. I will become a better person.

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