life is precious

Life is Precious :) !!

The last time when the government decided to give ₹25 lakhs to a near of kin of a deceased fisherman, you as a concerned citizen would have thought, “had the man survived, he would not even have earned so much in his lifetime”. Yet little did we realise that the family has actually lost a ‘precious life’.

Yes, our life is ‘precious’ in the sight of God. Very often we fail to realise that the Creator is actually taking so much care about our life. When we go through the verse Psalm8:3,4 ‘When I consider Your heavens, the work of Your fingers, The moon and the stars, which You have ordained, What is man that You are mindful of him, And the son of man that You visit him? ‘, the psalmist finds it so lucky that the God who formed the heavens, the moon and the stars has time to look after us! God’s love toward us is infinite. Isaiah49:16 states, that we have been inscribed on the palm of His hands and all our ways are continually before Him. This verse makes it clear that when God looks at His palms, He can see each one of us! Can anything else be asked beyond this great protection? The very hairs of our head are numbered. He preserves our soul and protects us from all evil. Bible asks a startling question, ‘can a mother forget her own child?’ The present world scenario may say ‘yes’ to that question. Yet, God says, even if she forgets you, He will never.

The great leader in the Old Testament, Moses, once asked God’s presence to accompany him. Moses understood the fact that unless God’s presence is felt, he has no victory in his life. The safest place in the whole world is not somewhere where there is high security, but it is where God’s presence is actually felt.

When the world fails you down, you unconsciously admit that there is no one out there looking out for you. Jesus, who came down in the form of man, underwent all the troubles and worries that a human being passes through. Yet, He victoriously triumphed over them. This wonderful person, looks down upon us and calls us ‘sons’ and ‘daughters’ and silently affirms that He is in control of our life. His ways are beyond our imaginations and simply amazing that we cannot comprehend it.

Life is so precious that once it is lost it cannot be regained by any means, and therefore you have to carefully handle it with the grace of God. It is not for you to decide the end of yourselves, but for God alone. Hence do not try to end your life by committing suicide or resorting to any other means. Remember you are not alone in the battle field but God Himself is beside you, helping you to overcome the worries victoriously.

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