For I know the plans I have for you – Jeremiah 29:11

Look at the leaves, fruits, and flowers. They start growing from very tiny sizes to fully grown ones and leave their mother plant without any hesitation. They are not worried about how big they can grow nor are they worried about how they look. They are also aware of the fact that they will have to leave their parent tree or plant when the time demands. In a way, they are fulfilling their destiny that was predestined by God without any complaint.

Today we plan almost everything in our lives, like you know,  to be good at work, to be a good wife, to be a good husband, to be a good parent, to be an obedient child and to stay away from evil deed in our paths to success and sometimes we fail at things that we plan and everything might take place right in the way opposite to how we had expected them to occur. But unlike leaves, fruits and flowers we tend to get disappointed, start a new bad habit to forget our failure and then end up in a place called “nowhere” to really fail again and again.

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If Job also had thought in the same manner by starting new bad habits, he wouldn’t have been saved by God at the end. Job waited and waited although he lost his assets, cattle and eventually his health. Great was the belief of Job and it was that belief in God that saved him from all the illnesses. His wealth was restored to him threefold or fourfold than he used to have before losing everything to prove his belief in God. At the end of the day, Job was just a human being like every one of us.

When we come across problems in our life, face it like Job did and therefore you also will one day regain everything that you have lost in your life. It could be your family, your work, the growth in your career or anything else in your life.

Stay close to God and nothing will affect you. Because God always has a plan for you. A better and the best plan.

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